Human Microbiome: Agar Art

Human Microbiome Agar Art and its Importance in our body

Human Microbiome

‘Human Microbiome’ is an abstracted artwork of the human age-wise microbial load and its impact on our life. Research data reflects that we come on the earth with microbes and die with microbes. They have coevolved with us and reside in our body to develop a host-associated structure, called “Microbiome or Microbiota or Commensal microflora or normal microflora. Our body has a nearly equal number of bacteria and our body cells. The establishment of the microbiome begins with birth and matures with age as shown in the agar plate. We are long-term beneficial and enriched media of microbiota and thus, natural agar art of nature. Microbial launch and the establishment of the microbiome is an arbitrary process determined by various factors like mode of delivery, diet, sex, age, genetics, geographic location have a powerful impact in shaping human microbiome structure likewise we provide pH, electrolytes, nutrients, incubation temperature to keep the viability of the microbes in the agar plate. These microbes are in symbiotic association, other than the gut they are also occurred in the mouth, respiratory tract, vagina, and skin. There is growing evidence that imbalances in the microbial communities are connected to many conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma, diabetes, and obesity. It is an era of research to collect information and the relationship among commensal microflora, host, and pathogen to develop safe and effective prophylactics and therapeutics against pathogens. Avoid irrational use of drugs to save our microbiome and live a long healthy life.

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