Immunology Questions for Bachelor Students: Introduction, Lists of Questions

Immunology Questions for Bachelor Students: Introduction, Lists of Questions

Introduction of Immunology Questions for Bachelor Students

Immunology Questions for Bachelor Students is mainly regarding Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technologist (BMLT) or a Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Technologist (BSc MLT). It is the common set of immunology questions asked in the final examination.

List of Immunology Questions

  1. Define immunity. Differentiate between active and passive immunity.
  2. What are the cells involved in the immune system? Discuss the functions of the monocyte.
  3. Diagrammatically describe the structure of immunoglobulin and write features of different types of Immunoglobulins.
  4. Define immunity. Describe acquired immunity.
  5. Describe innate and acquired immunity.
  6. Define complement and describe its role in the human defense system.
  7. Define the Humoral immune response and describe it.
  8. Define antigen-antibody reaction. List various serological methods to demonstrate antigen-antibody reaction in vitro along with their principle.
  9. Define cytokines and write their role in our body.
  10. Write a short note on MHC.
  11. Discuss briefly on vaccine and immunotherapy.
  12. Define hypersensitivity reaction and write about it.
  13. Define antigen and write a short note on it.
  14. Write about the principle and types of ELISA with a suitable diagram.
  15. Discuss autoimmunity.
  16. Describe the theory of antibody production.
  17. What is tolerance? Describe the types of tolerance.
  18. What are the different types of secondary organs in the immune system?
  19. Explain antibody-independent cell-mediated cytotoxicity. What are the important roles of cytokines?
  20. Define lymphokines. Name various lymphokines that activate macrophages.
  21. Define complement and explain in brief about alternative pathways.
  22. Write short notes on-
  • Lymphocyte traffic
  • Vaccination
  • Regulation of immune tolerance
  • Phagocytosis
  • T cell receptors
  • Tumor antigens
  • Transplantation immunology
  • Immunoglobulins
  • History of immunology
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