Love sweet poison a gajal by A K Chaurasiya

Love sweet poison "Love sweet poison" Love sweet Poison  is a gajal by A K Chaurasiya. He is fond of writing this type of article. This all  about you think to your loving girl and what she thinks not matching  and favoring to you and condition arises between them trying to cover these events. If you like never forget to share in your circles. Thank you.  

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Kingella kingae Case report: Patient History, Lab Diagnosis and Treatment

Kingella kingae in gram stain Kingella kingae case report Patient history  A patient, 69 years old male having diabetes mellitus past 10 years since two years in insulin. Having a history of mild fever, cough, chest pain with sputum and also throat itching took part in ENT-OPD and the doctor suggested for chest X-ray and sputum culture and sensitivity and requested to follow up after three days with reports. Kingella, which belongs to the family Neisseriaceae, is short, nonmotile, oxidase-positive but...

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Aspergillus Case Report: Patient History, Sample Collection, Lab Diagnosis and Final Impression

Aspergillus case report Patient history A well educated and high profile patient with the age of 53 years old having a history of  Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM)  suffering for more than three months; visited many clinicians in clinics to even hospital; used antibacterial drugs but didn't get benefited and finally he had to come to a tertiary care hospital in the department of ENT & HNS OPD. The doctor observed his ear with an otoscope and said you...

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